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What's Kidsplosion?

Kidsplosion Nation is an established 501c3 that enables youth to DISCOVER what career paths they are interested in, realizing that anything is possible. Kidsplosion then helps youth to DEVELOP their gifts as well as obtaining an understanding of the attributions that it takes to become what they want. Finally, Kidsplosion gives youth opportunities to DISPLAY their gifts and new found talents by way of events, summer camps, and afterschool programs. Kidsplosion works with industry professionals to help youth understand that whatever career goal they can envision, IS attainable! Kidsplosion produces confidence and provides the encouragement needed for youth to become successful in any career!

In the summer of 2011, Kidsplosion Nation partnered with the city of Riverdale, GA to begin facilitating "Kidsplosion Summer Camps." By the following summer the camp quadrupled in size. Beginning in 2013, Kidsplosion Nation continued its expansion, partnering with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation (GA). In the fall of 2014, the partnership transitioned into the school system, as Kidsplosion began operating afterschool programs in Gwinnett County Public Schools; the top ranked school system in the State of Georgia.

Kidsplosion also offers Kidsplosion Entertainment LLC, which offers youth programming in Television, Film and Radio. Kidsplosion also owns Teensplosion, which includes everything Kidsplosion offers in addition to mentorship programs and employment opportunities.

Despite Kidsplosion's many accomplishments to date, the company has only scratched the surface of its purpose. With limitless potential for growth, Kidsplosion continues to obtain new partnerships in various cities, counties and schools. Kidsplosion continues to truly live out its global purpose of ensuring that ALL youth and teens alike are thriving within their gifts and abilities!





After School

Our programs help kids discover what they like, what they're good at, in addition to homework supervision and tutoring.


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