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Carlena J. Evans, M.Ed.

A visionary with extraordinary purpose, Carlena is a vessel whose task is to ensure that every child and teen realizes their worth, potential, and abilities as early as possible. Enriched with an amazing scholastic and professional resume, Carlena graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communication, and a minor in English, from Cheyney University. Unrelenting in her work ethic, she continued her matriculation through post-secondary education and was awarded her Master of Education from University of Pittsburgh in the spring of 2010. She accomplished this feat all while defying the odds of being a single parent.


Carlena J. Evans, M.Ed. possesses an incomparable desire for youth and adults alike to realize that nothing is impossible! Gifted with a heart of gold, her genuine efforts are unparalleled in her advocacy for children, students, women, and mothers everywhere. Despite Evans' infinite successes, she never fails to acknowledge, "Kidsplosion is GOD'S vision and I am honored to be used."

Shondra Tobler, M.A.

Shondra's innovative thinking and authentic passion for improving the lives of ALL makes her a great fit with Kidsplosion! Her professional background is diverse as she's worked in large corporations as well as small non-profits. In addition, she's well-versed in international relations and has several years of experience working with multicultural and under-served populations helping youth and adults of all ages complete their high school equivalency diploma and transition into post-secondary colleges and/or vocational training programs and ultimately transition into the career paths of their choice. Not only does she hold a B.A. in Political Science, but she also has a M.A. in Adult Education, so this is quite effortless for her. Shondra truly believes "the only limit is the one you set yourself", so she is constantly striving for greatness, defying odds, and encouraging others to do the same. It has been said that she "truly has a calling on her life that allows people from all walks to relate to her and receive inspiration from her."




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