• IT'S SUMMER CAMP TIME!!! Join us this summer at any of our Gwinnett Locations. Register at www.gwinnettparks.com or Call 678-277-0860 to register. 2018 Camp Theme is "Let's E.A.T" (Evaluate.Analyze.Think)

Kidsplosion Membership

A Kidsplosion Membership enables your child to take ANY of our classes at ANY Kidsplosion Recreation Center worldwide. Similar to our Summer Camps and After school programs, Kidsplosion facilities now offer classes in Dance, Acting, Karate, Music, Magic, IMPROV Comedy, Business, Political Awareness, and Many, MANY more, taught by Industry Professionals in your own communities!! For only $25 a year Member Card holders will gain access to ALL Kidsplosion facilities and events, either free, or at a special discounted rate exclusive to Members! Having a membership also includes discounts and giveaways from ALL of our Partners- which are too numerous to name!

Whatever talent, gift, or hobby your child would like to "Discover" can be unveiled with a Kidsplosion Membership! Whether it's a Gymnastics course or a Concert, Movies or Talent Showcases, Field Trips or Experiments - having an Official Kidsplosion Membership is the ONLY way to ROCK!! Get your Official Kidsplosion Membership TODAY and open the door to a world of discovery, learning, and ESPECIALLY Fun!!




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